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Rumors Going Around About Mobile Phone Repair

With the change in technology, individuals are inclined towards investing more into it. As of now, mobile phones aren't a luxury anymore; anyone & everyone can own them. As it's said, nothing lasts forever, mobile phones encounter regular wear and tear. And these wear and tear need to be examined and corrected where it comes in the role of mobile repair service providers. Often, customers complain regarding Smartphone repairs.

You must have heard myths about DIY tips on how to get your phone fixed or how reliable third-party service centers are when it comes to mobile phone repair services. Listed below are some of the rumors prevailing in the market and why you must overlook them.

Myth 1: A water-damaged mobile phone can be fixed by placing it in uncooked rice for 1-2 days.

Like seriously! You must have heard that keeping water submerged phone in uncooked rice for a day or two fixes the water damaged phone. It is believed that rice absorbs water from the phone and restores it. However, that's not possible as rice may absorb water up to some extent but can't stop the phone's motherboard from corrosion. Furthermore, a phone submerged in unbaked rice can cause additional damage to your Smartphone as sugar and starch in the rice speeds up the corrosion process.

Myth 2: Once broken, your mobile phone can't be restored/ it can never be the same as it was before the damage.

No matter how worse the damage is, be it a damaged screen, water damaged phone, motherboard issue, battery replacement, and more, it can be fixed unless the phone's condition is so shattered that there is no room for its restoration. At Mobile Service Repair, we try our best so that your device comes out working as good as new! We offer the best Smartphone repair services and phone screen repair services.

Myth 3: Third-party repair service providers void your phone's warranty.

In case of minor issues such as normal wear & tear or accidental damage, you can visit any Smartphone repair service provider without bothering about warranty. This has nothing to do with the phone's warranty and doesn't void your warranty. Also, it'll be valid while you approach the company's service centers for any manufacturing defects as well. For small repairs, these service providers stand as the best bet.

Myth 4: Repair centers might hack your phones and steal your data

This myth is completely invalid as hacking has nothing to do with repairing parts. No technicians of repair centers have time or curiosity to invade your phone's privacy. They are not allowed to even use the private information or view it unless demanded. They don't have the authorization to do so, and if required, they'll ask for your consent first. Your phone is in safe hands, and you need not worry that someone will invade your phone's privacy.

Myth 5: A cracked screen just impacts the aesthetics of the phone.

A broken screen not only makes it difficult for you to use the phone but over a period of time, it can also create a lot of damage to your mobile. If the cracked screen is left unfixed, your phone might experience backlight malfunction, discoloration, blurry display, dead spots, and dark spots. These damages can be terrible, especially when you own expensive smartphones. So if your screen is chipped, don't dodge it, and get it fixed from phone screen repair service providers.


As Stated above is a list of some of the rumors we hear every now and then. It's highly recommended to settle for a reputed service provider for your phone repairs as you remain assured that you will get quick and reliable repairs & will be charged reasonably for the service.

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