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How To Identify That Your iPhone Needs iPhone Battery Replacement?

Gadgets today degrade over time, especially when it comes to smartphones. No gadget lasts for a longer time- particularly not iPhone batteries. The tiny lithium-ion powerhouses running your iPhone have a limited life span (all consumables). The longer you use your device, the faster your battery will corrupt, and it needs iPhone Battery Replacement eventually.

iPhone batteries usually do not conk out. There are significant hints over time, mainly relating to the phone's performance which the users generally ignore. They might notice that their device responds slowly to taps and prompts or that applications installed take a longer time to respond to commands than usual. Our phones are just not a communication source in today's world, but it's more than that. Over the years and with usage, the battery's capacity will slowly shrink until it's completely dead.

Sometimes, users consider a more accessible alternative to iPhone Battery Replacement is to replace it with a new one. Every day new phones come out rapidly in the market, so if replacement batteries seem to be an expensive bet, it's more economical to invest in a new device. The battery issue may be pretty frustrating. Therefore it becomes essential to watch out for signs of battery wearing out to avoid any further damage to the phone.

  1. The battery starts to drain rapidly. The very natural indication that your battery has shrunk is that you will find that your battery will discharge soon.

  2. Despite being plugged in the charger, the phone doesn't charge. At times, we face our smartphones not getting charged, or the battery percentage remains the same even after plugging it into the charger. This is identification that your battery needs replacement.

  3. When the phone doesn't hold a charger, it is time for you to get your iPhone's battery replaced. You need an iPhone Battery Replacement when you see that your iPhone is incapable of holding a charger.

  4. iPhone reboots on its own. Is your iPhone rebooting on its own, that too, without giving any command to do so? This is a clear indication that your battery has degraded, and it is to be replaced for better phone performance.

  5. When your iPhone's battery bumps up. Another visible sign that your battery has some issue is that your battery bumps up, but users usually ignore it. If you're an iPhone user and your battery has bumped up, do not ignore it, but it's high time for you to get the battery replaced to avoid any further damage to your iPhone.

  6. The battery of your iPhone starts to overheat. Nothing lasts forever, and the same goes with gadgets. With usage and time, the battery begins to heat, leading to phone blasts, and you might have heard about it. So stay cautious!

  7. The performance of the iPhone declines. When your battery gets degraded, it is likely to impact the performance of the phone. While using apps, it may take some time to launch the apps and respond late to taps while on the app.


In case you notice any of these signs with your iPhone, it's time to get it fixed, and we at MRS, a one-stop solution for all your Smartphone repairs, offer the best of our services at reliable prices. Distinguished experts here perform iPhone battery replacement with exquisite and delicate care along with a warranty.


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